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The Leading Virtually Digest, June 27, 2008

What: This past week, there continued to be a number of articles in regional newspapers about companies who are considering or trying out telecommuting. Check out a few from Michigan, Virginia, and Connecticut. There are plenty more available with a search. Posts to which it is related: Journal article cited in the Digest on June 13, Leading in Face to… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, June 20, 2008

Email is one of the most used technologies in virtual teams. This week’s digest focuses on email, for which I noticed an increased focus in the media. The increased focus may be due to large technology companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, Google and I.B.M., coming together about a week ago to fight information overload – a problem to which email… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, June 13, 2008

What: Wall Street Journal article (also available at Yahoo Finance!) about embarrassing moments during virtual meetings. Posts to which it is related: Improving Virtual Team Leadership Using Technology Bottom Line: Be mindful of the embarrassment that you may create for yourself if you don’t learn about and manage the technology (e.g., web meetings, video-conferencing, telephone-conferencing) that you are using for… Read more →

Assessing the Quality of Collaboration in Virtual Teams

For those who are interested in virtual team collaboration, the concept of teamwork is crucial. But rarely is “teamwork” actually defined. Just as the adage goes, we know it when we see it, but we may have trouble explicitly saying what makes for good teamwork. This week, Surinder sent me an academic journal article by Martin Hoegl and Hans Georg… Read more →

Leading In Face-to-Face Versus Virtual Teams

As more companies are considering the option of allowing their employees to telecommute (see the recent flurry of news about telecommuting), there is an increasing need to understand how leading in virtual teams is different from leading in face-to-face teams. In many cases, people have challenged the idea that leading in virtual teams is different from leading in face-to-face situations…. Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, June 2, 2008

What: article about doing business in geographically dispersed virtual teams (also see: accompanying slide show). Posts to which it is related: Implicit Communication and Culture: What it means for leading virtual teams; Culture Matters in Virtual Teams. Bottom Line: The author has a consulting business that helps companies manage IT-focused virtual teams that are globally dispersed. He points out… Read more →