The Leading Virtually Digest, June 27, 2008

What: This past week, there continued to be a number of articles in regional newspapers about companies who are considering or trying out telecommuting. Check out a few from Michigan, Virginia, and Connecticut. There are plenty more available with a search.
Posts to which it is related: Journal article cited in the Digest on June 13, Leading in Face to Face Versus Virtual Teams.
Bottom line: Telecommuting is a hot topic. Very basic articles continue to show up in the popular press, saying that people are struggling with different pressures and thinking of telecommuting as a solution. However, most articles aren’t going in depth enough to help workers or managers understand the issues surrounding telecommuting. Sounds like great fodder for a full fledged Leading Virtually post.

What: This isn’t an article per se, but an opinion piece on WalletPop about the limits of working when not at work.
Posts to which it is related: The Leading Virtually Digest from June 20.
Bottom line: This piece raises the question of whether people should be compensated in some way when they have to check email (e.g., on a Blackberry) constantly. It seems to be increasingly expected that people are accessible any time, any place for work related issues. The bigger issue might be how people can manage work and non-work aspects of life when technology and norms are blurring the boundary between the two.

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