Articles which include original research on virtual teams.

manage temporal diversity

How Important Is It To Manage Temporal Diversity in Virtual Teams?

  During the last weekend, I had a chance to observe a couple of workers who were installing new backsplash in my kitchen. One of them was setting the tiles as quickly as he could. It was clear that he wanted to finish his task and get out as quickly as possible. The other went about his work patiently. He… Read more →

Returning to Leading Virtually

I have been away from writing for Leading Virtually for a little more than a year. I didn’t intend for my absence to be so long, but it was a very eventful and busy year for me. I am happy to be blogging again for Leading Virtually at the start of this new year! Although I was away from Leading… Read more →

Is Video Conferencing a Good Substitute for Face-to-face Meetings?

  When air travel to and from several European cities was curtailed due to volcanic ash, people adopted Skype and other video conferencing tools in lieu of travel. Unlike email or telephone, video conferencing is thought to be like face-to-face communication but only somewhat leaner because one is not in the same place as the person one is communicating with…. Read more →

Does Online Identity Matter In Virtual Teams?

  I just returned from the Academy of Management conference in Chicago where I presented a paper that Surinder and I wrote with Professor Rui Huang. Our paper was an extension of the research we have been doing on leadership in virtual worlds that I wrote about previously. This paper focused on how one’s online identity may affect virtual team… Read more →

Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap in Leadership

Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap in Leadership

The June 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review contained a brief note by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman titled “10 Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders“. The authors, who analyzed 360-degree feedback, identified the following 10 most common shortcomings of ineffective leaders. The worst leaders: Lacked energy and enthusiasm; Accepted their own mediocre performance; Lacked clear vision and direction; Had poor… Read more →

What's More Effective? Carrot or Stick?

What’s More Effective? Carrot or Stick?

Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal carried an article by Safeway’s CEO, Steven A. Burd, addressing the national health-care reform debate. Safeway has been able to hold the per-capita health-care costs flat since 2005, while for most American companies these costs have increased by 38% during the same period.  Mr. Burd attributed this to a program that Safeway designed in 2005… Read more →

Can Being Virtual Benefit A Leader?

Can Being Virtual Benefit A Leader?

Since virtual teams are supported by technology and technology tends to filter out vital nonverbal cues, can a leader be effective in virtual contexts? This is one of the questions that I have tried to answer in my past research. I have found that leadership can indeed make a positive difference in virtual contexts. I have also found that certain… Read more →

Focusing on the Positive for Positive Team Outcomes

  The other day I found a link to a book review on Twitter. The book is called Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive. It provides summaries of research about persuasion and how to be successfully persuasive. One study in particular had me thinking about an approach to change and innovation that I am very interested in. The… Read more →