Betsy Carroll

Betsy Carroll is Director of Institutional Research and Assessment at York College of Pennsylvania. After studying comparative religion at University of Rochester, Betsy spent seven years working in arts administration in New York. She returned to school to get an MBA from Binghamton University, and joined the doctoral program in Organizational Behavior and Leadership. The practitioner world proved too strong a draw, and Betsy left Binghamton’s doctoral program while ABD to move into institutional research. She is excited to be a part of this field, since it combines social science research with strategic planning.

Betsy believes much can be learned from keeping one foot in the academic world and one in the practitioner world. She reviews for academic conferences in Organizational Behavior and maintains a research relationship with colleagues at Binghamton University. For the Leading Virtually research team, Betsy was instrumental in developing and creating their virtual leadership online training modules, which are based in theory and academic research, but designed for people in organizations. Her work at York College consists of providing information to support the strategic planning decisions of the college’s leaders.

Outside of work, Betsy is a devoted patron of dance and theater, attending performances as often as possible.