Angelo Sasso

Angelo Sasso is an MBA graduate student at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton focusing on a degree in Marketing. He has a B.A. in History from SUNY Binghamton as well.

The Leading Virtually Digest, November 7, 2008

 What: Wireless encryption code (WPA) has been recently been cracked by researchers Posts to Which it is Related: Pretty much any article on our site Bottom Line: WPA, a popular wireless encryption protocol widely used today by both home wireless internet users and business wireless internet users, has been compromised. A group of researchers found a way to gain access… Read more →

Are “Casual” Virtual Team Participants Endangering Virtual Teams?

A topic of conversation that has recently become popular is the rapid adoption of video games by casual players. People who never played video games before and are relatively inexperienced gamers are now gaming regularly. We need to look no further than the success of the Nintendo Wii to see how the influx of casual gamers is changing the landscape… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, October 4, 2008

  What: Study that showed that people are prone to lying more in email than through written communication Posts to Which It Is Related: The Reason Why Email Should Not Be Used For Collaboration, Freeing Yourself From Email Bottom Line: A study conducted by Rutgers and DePaul Universities studied how email affected communications among 48 graduate students. Students were given… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, September 12, 2008

What: Researchers have found that racial bias exists in virtual worlds according to an article in ITNews Posts To Which It Is Related: The Mind Has A Body Of Its Own Bottom Line: A study done in the virtual world suggests that the psychological implications of race in the real world also impact the virtual space. When a study… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, August 29, 2008

What: article about how to manage virtual teams Posts to which it is related: Confessions of a Telecommuter, How Do I Begin To Improve The Functioning of my Virtual Team? Bottom Line: I found this article interesting as it was written based on the advice of three Filipino managers. It was surprising to see that the views about virtual… Read more →

Confessions of a Telecommuter

Part of the value of working with is that the group actually operates as a virtual team, allowing us to face the challenges that we write about in a working environment. is only one of the many things that each of us is involved in. One job I had previously was a telecommuting job for a company in New York City. I… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, August 8, 2008

What: Atlanta Business Chronicle article about the bottom line benefits of telecommutingPosts To Which It Is Related: So You Think You’d Like To Telecommute?, Leading In Face-To-Face Versus Virtual Teams Bottom Line: Mike Williams, the director of programs for the Clean Air Campaign, has come up with a few statistics that will help those who would like to telecommute convince… Read more →

Virtual Team Tools Now Available

The team has launched a new section on “Virtual Team Tools”  that features various useful tools that can help you lead your virtual team effectively. Our research-based virtual team tools have been used successfully by a large number of distributed teams and have proved to be invaluable in smooth virtual team operations. You can access these tools by clicking… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, July 14, 2008

What: A New York Times article about Barack Obama’s use of social networking to create a virtual organization to help his campaign. Posts to which it is related: Improving Virtual Team Performance Using Technology Bottom Line: Chris Hughes, one of the founders of the popular online social network Facebook, is in charge of Barack Obama’s social networking campaign. This campaign… Read more →