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Useful Technologies for the Remote Worker

I do a majority of my collaborating and individual work remotely, which I couldn’t do without the support of various programs. In this post, I thought I would share some of my favorite tools for working remotely. They may be useful to you in your collaboration work as well. I use most of these as a single user for private… Read more →

Facebook & Twitter Talk Not Empathy-Evoking

Facebook & Twitter Talk Not Empathy-Evoking

  Some months back, Betsy had blogged about a New York Times article by Clive Thompson on how technologies such as Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter lead to ambient awareness. She wrote: “These technologies make it convenient to quickly and easily give or get updates with a number of other people.  Although each individual message might have little meaning as a stand-alone,… Read more →

What's More Effective? Carrot or Stick?

What’s More Effective? Carrot or Stick?

Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal carried an article by Safeway’s CEO, Steven A. Burd, addressing the national health-care reform debate. Safeway has been able to hold the per-capita health-care costs flat since 2005, while for most American companies these costs have increased by 38% during the same period.  Mr. Burd attributed this to a program that Safeway designed in 2005… Read more →

Communication is Key in Virtual Work

  Surinder is my advisor and mentor in the doctoral program at Binghamton University. We have written several conference papers and collaborated on other projects together with Betsy and Professor Rui Huang at the university. Very often the two of us, or all of us, have worked together while geographically far apart. We have used tools like Google docs, Google… Read more →

Can Being Virtual Benefit A Leader?

Can Being Virtual Benefit A Leader?

Since virtual teams are supported by technology and technology tends to filter out vital nonverbal cues, can a leader be effective in virtual contexts? This is one of the questions that I have tried to answer in my past research. I have found that leadership can indeed make a positive difference in virtual contexts. I have also found that certain… Read more →