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The Leading Virtually Digest, July 25, 2008

What: New York Times article on the use of virtual meetings. Posts to which it is related: The Mind Has a Body of Its Own, Improving Virtual Team Leadership Using Technology, Freeing Yourself from Email, So You Think You’d Like to Telecommute Bottom line: This article begins with the premise of virtual meetings (specifically, teleconferencing) increasing in business, as a… Read more →

Emergent Collaboration: The Reason Why Email Should Not Be Used for Collaboration

In one of her recent posts, Betsy Carroll blogged about alternatives to email. Email tends to be misused because of its accessibility and convenience. People end up using it in situations where alternatives would be more suitable. While stressing that email is great for communication but not for collaboration, Betsy discussed alternatives to email and the situations where they would… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, July 18, 2008

What: Availability of browser-based virtual worlds from The Electric Sheep Company, Vivaty, and Google. Posts to which it is related: Wonderland: A Tool for Online Collaboration, Rethinking the Value of Virtual Worlds for Virtual Team Collaboration, The Future of Virtual Teams: Collaboration in 3D Web Bottom Line: New web browser-based virtual worlds make it easier for virtual team members to… Read more →

So You Think You'd Like to Telecommute?

So You Think You’d Like to Telecommute?

  We have pointed out in several Leading Virtually Digest posts that telecommuting is all over the popular press lately (check out the coverage captured by Google News). But the majority of articles merely mention telecommuting without providing any specific information about doing telework.  However, research does exist on this topic, and we have some evidence about the conditions that make a… Read more →

Virtual Team Tools Now Available

The team has launched a new section on “Virtual Team Tools”  that features various useful tools that can help you lead your virtual team effectively. Our research-based virtual team tools have been used successfully by a large number of distributed teams and have proved to be invaluable in smooth virtual team operations. You can access these tools by clicking… Read more →

The Leading Virtually Digest, July 14, 2008

What: A New York Times article about Barack Obama’s use of social networking to create a virtual organization to help his campaign. Posts to which it is related: Improving Virtual Team Performance Using Technology Bottom Line: Chris Hughes, one of the founders of the popular online social network Facebook, is in charge of Barack Obama’s social networking campaign. This campaign… Read more →

Freeing Yourself from Email

A common problem that office workers face today is email overload. For some, email has taken over their work life and it is damaging, rather than improving, their productivity. In our Leading Virtually Digest of June 20th, we point to an article that reports how the onslaught of email or webmail is hurting productivity. A major reason for email’s negative… Read more →

Wonderland: A Tool for Online Collaboration

Author’s note: Project Wonderland has now “forked, ” and the original team led by Nicole Yankelovich has branched off to work on Open Wonderland. Businesses are moving beyond marketing in virtual worlds and are exploring other applications of virtual worlds (see a recent BusinessWeek article & slideshow). Enabling collaboration among remote workers is one such application (see our past posts… Read more →