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Culture Matters in Virtual Teams

Leaders of virtual teams often talk about having to deal with cultural challenges in their teams. Yet, they have been offered little to help them think systematically about how to adjust their leadership when dealing with such challenges. Things are beginning to change, however. During the recently held International Conference on Information Systems in Montreal, I had the pleasure of… Read more →

Controls in Virtual Teams: The Case of Boeing

A recent Wall Street Journal article “Boeing Scrambles to Repair Problems with New Plane” (December 7, 2007) underscored the importance of controls in virtual teams. Controls are mechanisms used by companies to ensure that the individuals working on their projects act in accordance with their plans. When Boeing embarked on the production of its new 787, it did two things… Read more →

A Mashup for Virtual Team Collaboration

In my last post I suggested that simply copying and pasting the real world into a virtual environment is likely not enough to optimize virtual world collaboration. Sun Microsystems is a company that seems to understand this and is utilizing the company’s virtual world in an interesting way. Rather than make everything a carbon-copy of the real world, Sun is… Read more →

Building Trust in Virtual Teams

People in organizations have known for a long time that trust is an important antecedent of effective teamwork. So it would make sense for this to hold true not only in face to face groups, but also for virtual teams. This week the Leading Virtually team came across a posting by Bridge the Distance offering help in building trust in… Read more →